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Each week Lilly’s Table whips up seasonal recipes to share with you.
Get excited to craft some creative food without the hassle of meal planning or remembering what to buy at the store. We’ll help you cook seasonally, eat consciously, and live well.

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Put healthy, seasonal dishes, on your table.

As a member of Lilly’s Table get ready to experience new seasonal recipes and meal plans every week. In addition you can search through the site’s archive of recipes and select as many or as few recipes as you plan to cook throughout the week. Once you have made your perfect meal selections, a Shopping List is created and organized according to each department to quickly get you in and out of a store with a week’s worth of food.

Once you get home, you can stock your kitchen with everything you need to have healthy, seasonal dishes as often as possible. In addition to the meal planning program you will get extra food & shopping tips from Chef Lilly, reviews of delicious products & ingredients worth sampling, and much more! Get excited to craft some creative meals without the hassle of meal planning!

Chef Lilly

Obsessed with food fresh from the ground Chef Lilly loves creating meals made with what the season has to offer. As a personal chef since 2004 people often asked her for help with recipes, grocery shopping, and meal planning. Lilly’s Table is her answer. Welcome to her table.