Lilly’s Table

Cook seasonally. Eat consciously. Live Well.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Food Questions

What type of diet is Lilly?s Table?

Lilly’s Table is focused on balanced, real food designed around seasonal availability. The meals are low in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

From time to time we will recommend a product based on whole ingredients, which will be healthful, delicious and make life a little bit easier- but we will not recommend anything with scary preservatives, chemicals or unnecessary additives.

Seasonal vegetables and fruit are the high points of each Meal Plan. Meat, dairy, and proteins are included but the main star will be the produce. We leave the majority of the meal up to the vegetables.

Some people would call the food style of Lilly’s Table to be Flexitarian, Conscious Eating, or a Low Carbon Diet. We just call it delicious.

What Nutritional Information is available?

We present a simple guide in each recipe to show the ratios of vegetables, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. We strive for every meal to be a balance of these. If you are interested in other nutritional information please contact us.

Are the recipes Low-Carb?

The diet is fairly high in fiber. Whole grains, whole wheat, brown rice, and brown rice flour are common grains and flours used and encouraged. Fake chemical products that unnaturally reduce the carbohydrates are not used. If you are looking to reduce carbohydrates lower than the recipes offer, just contact us for tips to reduce the intake in each recipe.

Can I get a Gluten-Free menu?

We aim to offer many of our dishes as gluten-free. Items that are gluten-free will be tagged accordingly. Often you will see we give gluten-free options. For example, we consider most of our pasta dishes to be gluten-free because we are big fans of the brown-rice pastas. If something is tagged gluten-free be sure to read the tips as it may give alternative suggestions and directions.

Will I need special equipment to prepare the meals?

We keep our kitchen simple and gadgets minimal. We will let you know when special equipment such as food processors can be used to make life easier, but recipes are designed to use the most accessible, affordable tools & equipment. We recommend a sharp knife you are comfortable using. The fanciest item we recommend is a blender and occasionally a food processor.

How long do the recipes take?

Every recipe indicates the approximate time it will take to create the dish from start to finish. Our goal with each recipe is that you will be actively cooking for less than 30 minutes.

In other words, if a dish indicates it takes 1 hour to prepare this is probably because it is roasting in the oven for 45 minutes and the active time is merely a few minutes of work on your part.

Tips & Tricks

How to search recipes

In addition to the search bar in the upper right corner, you can also look through the past week’s meals. When you are in the ‘Food’ section, there will be a grey arrow on the side of the screen. Click on this and you can see all of the previous weeks.

The other way to search is by clicking on one of the many tags, Vegan, Low-Glycemic, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, etc.

You can also search according to these allergy tags in the search bar. Simply put in your preferred ingredient and one or more tags.

Creating a Shopping List

To create and add to your shopping list, click on the checkmark just above the recipe title. To add an entire meal to your shopping list click the checkmark just above the meal title on the detail page for a meal.

Building your Recipe Book

The Recipe Book is in place to help you save recipes you would like to make at a later date or have on hand as a quick reference.

To add recipes to the book click on the plus mark just above the title within the recipe.

Season Tags

Every recipe is tagged with a season to help guide quickly your selection of recipes.

SU: Summer F: Fall W: Winter SP: Spring

Meal Tags

For quick reference every recipe is tagged as
B: Breakfast L: Lunch D: Dinner

Shop in your home pantry first

Before you head to the store, review your pantry items, double check that you have plenty of olive oil, salt, pepper, etc and check off the items you already have on your shopping list before you shop.

Search for other recipes

Do you somehow have too many zucchinis or leftover items you are not sure how to use up? Simply search a specific ingredient to find previous recipes. If you cannot find a certain ingredient, contact us and we will try and incorporate it in to future recipes.

Serving Sizes

Recipes are created based on the smallest number of servings it would make sense to create. In each recipe, next to the number of servings below the ingredient list you can change the quantity to a larger number of people to serve.

If you have a large family and want to always see recipes at a set number go into “My Accounts” and then “General Settings”. Click where it says “Chefs Choice” and adjust as desired. On rare occasions, we will not give you a choice, but that is only if the recipe should not be increased in size.

Food Allergy Tags

Do you have allergies or have to avoid certain foods? Every recipe is tagged as to whether it contains one of the following common allergies gluten, nuts, or dairy. We also tag dishes that are either vegetarian or vegan dishes.

If you have an allergy that is not listed, please contact us and if several people ask we will consider adding a tag for that ingredient.


Please note, occasionally you will see a dish that contains something such as Gluten, but we labeled it Gluten-Free. This is because we feel this dish needs only a minor substitution to make it Gluten-Free. Plan to read the notes in those recipes for more information.

Vegan & Vegetarian

Many of our dishes are vegetarian or vegan. When searching for a vegetarian dish be sure to search for vegan as well since we label our non-meat dishes as one or the other. Recipes may be labeled as vegan or vegetarian and contain a meat item such as fish sauce or dairy in which case alternatives will be suggested. If you see a meat item on your shopping list please refer to the recipe?s introduction in case there is an alternative suggestion.

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