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Summer Recipe Jam

Come and celebrate all of your favorite foods in a refreshing new way.

The festivities begin on Instagram on June 1st, when Lilly will email you the FIRST secret food that is hiding within your very own kitchen.

Snap a quick pic of it. Post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag of the day. Then take a peak at everyone else’s food pics and that is where the jam will begin as we delight each other with all the possibilities for our favorite foods.

Oh, did I mention? There will also be prizes! Simply play everyday to increase your chances of being the week’s big winner.

I want to follow you! If you do not already follow me on Instagram, find me here: @lillystable. I am excited to follow you right back that way we will be super connected and not lose each other during our #instarecipe food jam!

Join the fun now! Just put your email address in the handy little box on the right side of this page.

Hold up! What is a party without all of your friends? Take a few minutes and invite your favorite Instagram pals, post this on Facebook or Twitter, or send a quick email inviting your favorite mommy group.

Voila! Summer recipe inspiration is coming your way!



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