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Winter Recipe Jam

Join us, as we bring comfort + joy to the way we eat in 2016.

This Winter Recipe Jam is all about celebrating the season’s beauty whether it is through a hot, steamy bowl of goodness, comfort foods that deeply nourish or veggies straight from the earth.

The celebration begins on January 11th, when I will email you the first food of the day.

  • Simply, take a quick pic of the food of the day.
  • Post it on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Hashtag it up with the day’s tag and #winterrecipejam
  • Then take a peek at everyone else’s food and share with them new ways to cook the food they choose.

By the way, there will be prizes for those who participate… especially if you play everyday!

I want to follow you! If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, please find me @lillystable. I will plan to follow you right back.

Ready? I cannot wait to party with you! Simply put your name in that handy box just to the right and a bit up.

Wait a minute!? What fun is a party, without your favorite buddies? Please invite all your pals on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or send a quick invite to your favorite mama buddies or cooking friends.

Let’s get this party started! The fun begins soon, so do not delay and sign up today!



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