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Green Chili Quesadillas with Tempeh Taco Filling


  • Hard
  • Medium
  • Easy


20 mins

20 mins

1. Start by making the tempeh taco filling, or use leftovers.
2. Sear up the quesadillas, adding the tempeh filling at the same time as the cheese + chiles.
3. To take on the go, wrap up warm, or heat them on a tray in a toaster oven or in a microwave. Personally, I like these at room temperature, too.

Recipes for this Meal

Photo of Taco Spiced Tempeh
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
Taco Spiced Tempeh

Tempeh gets browned and spiced into a divine dish with lime and veggies. It’s perfect for stuffing into tortillas or as on topping for rice or grain bowls. Anytime, taco meat is called for this is a delicious vegan option to use.

Photo of Green Chili Quesadillas
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
Green Chili Quesadillas

Perfect as a quick snack, appetizer, or as an easy side for Mexican soups, rice or bean dishes. If you do not have fresh southwest hatch chilies available, seek out frozen green chilies. Otherwise, the green chilies diced and in a can will work too.